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Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is a joint venture company constituted by the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. BMRCL has been established with the principal objective of designing, planning, developing, constructing, maintaining, operating and financing mass transit systems in Bangalore.

The State Government has provided BMRCL the right of way for the construction of elevated viaducts along the major road corridors of Bangalore and the stretch along the Mahatma Gandhi Road, Boulevard, which had some majestic bougainvillea sloping down to the MG Road, was temporarily removed, to create working space and for the movement of heavy machinery, during the construction period. BMRCL had undertaken to restore this majestic boulevard once the civil works and construction of the MG Road Metro station were completed.

With the completion of the civil works, BMRCL with a view to enhance the community's identity with the boulevard, took a conscious decision to create a public space to celebrate cultural excellence through performing and visual arts- and thus established the Rangoli Metro Art Center.

While the erstwhile Boulevard had just pink variety of Bougainville, BMRCL planted 7 different colors of Bougainvillea (Red, Yellow, Magenta, White, Purple, Orange, & Pink), though not designed to synchronize with the brilliance of VIBGYOR, but in a way to bring to the Center the harmony of the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 musical notations – which, together led us to brand the Metro Art center as “Rangoli”, which is also the logo of the Namma Metro.

Within these vibrant surroundings, Rangoli is established as an urban public space where the very ordinary people, with no previous exposure to art, could walk in without any inhibitions and experience the excellence in the world of visual and performing arts. The Center is about half a kilometer long and about 30 meters wide running from Anil Kumble Circle upto the Brigade Road junction. Within this public space created serendipitous things happen every day engaging people in a variety of cultural program, public art, and a stream of innovative ideas celebrating creativity among people and more importantly, in an environment that supports and encourages it.

The Metro Art center consists of


Friendship Point - Weave a Web of Friendship


Here is a folktale about a spider that created and ruined a magnificent web:

The spider started construction of a web by dropping a long thread from the roof and spun an elaborate and beautiful web. When the web was finished, it noticed a single strand of thread stretching from the roof and thought, "Now that thread is not really necessary. I can't even see where it goes nor to what it is connected." So it cut the thread off. Instantly, the whole intricate web shriveled and collapsed! There was nothing left of the web without that fine connecting strand of thread.

Bangalore is the city of friendship. Tie and connect your friendship with the city. Every time you come here you will connect to a web of friendship.

Info Wall


A wall which traces the 2000 years of history of Bangalore.

Snake and Ladder


An interactive play for the young and the adult alike.

Green Initiation:


Planting of some of the exotic plants.



Rangoli has collaboration with all art institutions in the city and students actively participate in art projects.

Nagar Pete


Nagara Pete (Pete - Kannada word for market place) is set up to support curetted handmade art and craft products produced by our handmade community, who have the talent but no structured or a prominent place to sell their wares. There is equally a very large community that wants to buy exquisite product but do not know which corner of the city to source them. The Pete thus provides an ideal setting amidst of the urban art center the opportunity for independent artists, designers, small collectives, vintage shops and cottage industries to be our curated canvas of independent shops. We have 14 spaces within the boulevard for the Nagara Pete. Since the visiting public would appreciate only the best products being showcased, BMRCL will support the best talent of the city. BMRCL thus reserves the right to curate the art and craft products of the community before offering the Pete space to showcase/sell the products.

How to book a space at Nagara Pete

The R-MAC curatorial staff will discuss with the craft persons regarding their handmade products and also examine the quality of the product, make independent enquiries how it was received when it was earlier showcased, its potential as a piece of exquisite art and craft product and not a commercial manufactured product that is available at shops across the city.


How much does it cost to showcase and sell the products.

The charges for the Pete space is Rs. 500/-per day from Monday to Friday and Rs. 1000/- per day from Saturday to Sunday. The Rates exclusive of GST. The charges must be paid in full at the time of accepting the application.

How many and how much space is given and the provision for storing over night.

The charges for the Pete space is Rs. 500/-per day from Monday to Friday and Rs. 1000/- per day from Saturday to Sunday. The Rates are exclusive of GST. The charges must be paid in full at the time of accepting the application.

For students sponsored by their institution 50% concession on the above rates is available.

How many and how much space is given and the provision for storing over night.

We have identified 14 Pete within the boulevard and each Pete is approximately 10x14 sq feet. At present there is no provision provided for storing the craft items overnight.

Will the pete space be available for weekends?

Yes, it is also available only for weekends.

How to submit application?

You may send a brief write up of your handmade art and craft product details of yourself to the email, along with the images. After initial screening only those products, which appear to meet the requirements of our stated objective, namely, to showcase the best, we will request you to come over to our office located at M G Road. On the appointed day you will bring necessary samples of your products for our consideration. If the product is accepted, the available dates will be indicated for you to confirm.

Click here for application Form and Terms and Conditions

Selection Criteria

We will give importance to originality, quality and how the product fits into our themes along with having a balance of categories. We also love the cutting edge products and student work, so please feel free to write to us. Our Curating staff is also on the move to discover such handmade quality products and may invite them to the Pete subject to the same terms of letting the space.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote the Pete as the best curated market place in Bangalore and thus create the visibility to attract the connoisseurs both domestic and international tourists for such products that they can carry with them as memorabilia.






The Rangasthala is perhaps the best one for its size and facilities. It is fully air-conditioned and has the modern lighting and sound facilities. It has been acoustically treated. It has a seating capacity for 120 persons. The theatre will be utilized for sponsored show and also is available on hire to theater groups and entertainment.

Click here for Application Form and Terms & Conditions

Schedule of Charges as per Rate Schedule.

Rs. 7000/- for 6 hours and Rs.10000/- for beyond 6 hours. GST extra.

Note: After booking the auditorium, if there is a change in the charges for the hire of the auditorium, the revised rates shall be applicable and shall be paid before occupying the auditorium.




This area will be used for open-air activities, which include community music, open-air exhibitions, art demonstration and such other art, craft and cultural activities.This space can also be hired but inrelation to art and cultural activities only. Rangoli being established as purely an art & cultural center no space within the premises can be used for any kind of activism-social or political, street plays, flash mob and the like.

Charges for this open space is Rs.10,000 (Rupees Ten thousand) for the full day for single entity. If stalls are put then the charges for each of the stalls is Rs.3000/- per day during weekends and Rs.1500/- during week days.

For students sponsored by their respective institution the charges for the full day is Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand) only.

Katte spaces:

 Katte Spaces are available for hire for art demonstration and workshops. The cost for the same is Rs.500/- for all days. For students sponsored by their institution the charges is Rs.100/- only.



There is a dedicated children play area called Chilipili. We have a large "Snake & Ladder" an interactive play for many children to take part simultaneously.

We also have play equipment for children and have also taken special care for children with special needs.

The children area also has an interactive fountains.

R-MAC will be displaying the paintings done by children from various schools

Hoovina Haadi


For those who do not want to walk through the lower walkway, they could use the upper walkway (HoovinaHaadi)

The upper walkway has lush garden. We propose to have special events on the walkway like community art activities and events and also to make the space interactive during festive and national days.

The upper walkway has a restaurant to cater to the needs of the visitors

Demo Area


Art & Craft DemonstArt & Craft Demonstration Area

We have few large spaces for art demonstration like terracotta, woodcarving, batik printing, and the like.


Rangoli-Metro Art Center
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